July and August Promotion!

A very good day to everyone! I have a pretty good news to spill ;)
Yes, Cuppielicious Madness will be having a great great promotion this July and August in conjunction with Malaysia MEGA SALE CARNIVAL!! And as a celebration to Fasting Month!! Yeay!!!
So, what are u waiting for?
GUYs...this is a very good time to "sweet talk" your beloved sweetheart. Cute, adorable cupcakes is the only way that your girl will give u a smile from ear to ear in instant!! Beliv me! And yeah, u mite get a lucky kiss as well ;)
And GIRLs....ade besties yg merajuk dgn u cos u dating your guy and neglet them?? Owh no...too bad for you =s But hey, u can always give them a present then! Tak payah tunggu birthday, act now! U dont want to lose a great bunch of friends aite??
Peeps..there are so many ways to make our beloved one happy, well, no doubt cute cupcakes will definitely promised u a happy moments to share.
Best regard,
Mia The Baker.


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