Dear lovely customers, in conjuction with new website of Cuppielicious Madness which will be launch in April 2011, we're calling out all of you for April Giveaway! The first 5 lucky customers who contact us by end of March, will receive a box of 12 cupcakes/ muffins FREE OF CHARGE! This is how CM thanks and appreciates our precious lovely customers.

Don't forget to stay tune to our new designed website in April! Link will be post up soon!

Thank you for your supports. We love you.

Many thanks and Best regards,
Mia the Baker.

Pink Roses (Gumpaste) with box deco
25pcs choc moist cupcakes
From RM90-RM100

Pink and White Roses (Gumpaste) with wordings (Fondant)
25pcs choc/vanilla cupcakes

Red, Pink and Purple Roses (gumpaste) + box deco
15pcs choc cupcakes
Any inquiries, email to
We cater any design or cupcakes within your budget on your request. Do inquire within.
Thank you.

Colorful Rainbow!

2.0oz (small) 5x5pcs RM50
2.5oz (medium) 5x5pcs RM63

Raya Open House will be delightful with these adorable fancy cuppies on the cake stands!
Now you see them, now you DONT!!
Really like a HOT cake! Kids at Gombak love it very much!

Up close and personal :)

Chocolate-Snowballs Cuppies; ordered by Alya, Uniten.

Nuts and More Nuts!

For kenduri Mak Dah, Shah Alam.

~Roasted Hazelnuts with Choc Chips~

Marshmellow Treats!

Isn't this lovely?

To you, MOM.

With Love, ordered by Hidayah from Setapak for her beloved mom.

Baby Shower~

Happy 1 Month Tuah @ Mikail :)
Million thanks to Miss Nurul Huda, gorgeous young lecturer who is also our returning customer. She has been ordering our cuppies for various occasions; hantaran for weddings, birthdays, surprised cupcakes and the latest is baby shower :)

UKM PC Fair 2010

~pink hearts~

~simple swirl~

Cuppieliciousmadness back wif more cupcakes designs and not to mention; some tremendously double choc heaven muffins! Recently we get a bulk orders from AEONICOMPANY where they opened a booth at UKM's PC Fair. Million thanks to Mr. Handsome Fayadh who contacted us for more cupcakes ^^v cheers!!

Wedding of The Year?

Engagement of Marjan Mastura, Taman Melewar :)

Simple yet Elegant Red Roses Cupcakes for Hantaran

(Congratulation to Dato' Sabariah, Kepong)

Red, Pink, Purple Wedding Theme: Very bold yet chic cuppies for hantaran

(Thanks Kak Nana, Jelatek)

Brown and Yellow Theme: Very classic choice of hantaran for engagement

(Million thanks to Puan Hjh Rashedah, Shah Alam)


Yes, very soon, all Cuppielicious Madness precious beloved customers are entittled to purchase a totally cute CUPCAKES T-Shirt at a very low price!!! ;) Any suggestions or enquiries or even ideas, please email me!!!!
OMG i'm too excited!!! Wohoo0o0o0!!

Upgrading soon

Dear Cuppielicious Madness fans,

Our precious blog will be upgrading soon with totally new layout and more friendly user navigations. So, stay tune yeah. No worries, business still as usual ;) Do not hesitate to contact me via email or sms regarding anything.

Thank you. Have a nice day!

Mia the Baker.

Dear cupcakes fans, please come and join us on this SATURDAY and SUNDAY (8th and 9th AUGUST 2009) at YOUTH ZONE, LEVEL 6, LOT 10 in conjunction with YOUTHOPIAN The Marketplace, where all the young entrepreuner gather.
There will be lots of stuff selling there, funky trendy clothes (mens,womens), bags, shoes, handmade items like (cute dolls, t-shirts, canvas shoes, bags, picture frames, etc), collectible items (artsy stuff - Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe even Michael Jackson's pictures!), miniatures stuff like toy cars, memoribilias, postcards, etc. Even nice antiques, vintage stuffs and branded pre-loved items that are still in GOOD condition!
The newly identified venue (6th floor) will be decorated with wall graffities (drawn by renowned artists) to reflect the spirit of youths this will be an event to remember. There will be performances and lucky draws as well. This is truly the ultimate come back of Youthopia!!
Come and join us for a great weekend you dont wana miss!!

Fancy any cartoon characters? Spongebob, Upin Ipin, BEN10, Pooh, Mickey, etc.
Or Favourite Football teams? MAN U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, etc.
Get their edible image (u can eat them, they tasted vanilla flavor) on your special custom made cupcakes today!!
**Now you can even request your images and loves ones to be printed on top of your cupcakes ;)

(pics credit to mama lea oven's)

July and August Promotion!

A very good day to everyone! I have a pretty good news to spill ;)
Yes, Cuppielicious Madness will be having a great great promotion this July and August in conjunction with Malaysia MEGA SALE CARNIVAL!! And as a celebration to Fasting Month!! Yeay!!!
So, what are u waiting for?
GUYs...this is a very good time to "sweet talk" your beloved sweetheart. Cute, adorable cupcakes is the only way that your girl will give u a smile from ear to ear in instant!! Beliv me! And yeah, u mite get a lucky kiss as well ;)
And GIRLs....ade besties yg merajuk dgn u cos u dating your guy and neglet them?? Owh no...too bad for you =s But hey, u can always give them a present then! Tak payah tunggu birthday, act now! U dont want to lose a great bunch of friends aite??
Peeps..there are so many ways to make our beloved one happy, well, no doubt cute cupcakes will definitely promised u a happy moments to share.
Best regard,
Mia The Baker.

A box of whole life's love and hope. Cherish.

Roses theme ;)


Tanggal 27th June 2009: Inilah kali pertama saya memegang fondant. Bertempat di USJ, kediaman cantik Kak Jun, saya dan beberapa student yg lain (Kak Intan, Kak Sharina, Kak Ella dan Kak Min) seronok bermain dgn tepung dan gula selama 6 jam! Terima kasih Kak Jun atas segala tunjuk ajar. Akan saya gunakan ilmu yg diberikan sebaik mungkin.

Aha, my red rose ;) Walaupun tak se-perfect Kak Jun's roses, tp seriously, i'm very proud of myself! Well done, Mia!

Tulip tiga serangkai.

Mushroom in the park.

Handmade handbag ;)

Lilac serumpun.

Baby booties for baby shower.

2D flowers.

10 designs completed.

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